How to Organize Home Décor Samples

Save carpet samples and paint swatches to take with you to the furniture store and you’ll know just what color that new couch should be. This video shows a simple way to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

What You Need

  1. Check accordion file
  2. Check labels
  3. Check marker
  4. Check fabric swatches
  5. Check carpet samples
  6. Check tile samples
  7. Check paint chips and sticks
  8. Check resealable bags

Follow These Steps

  1. Designate pockets of an accordion file

    Assign one room of your house to each pocket in an accordion file—one pocket for the living room, another for the dining room, and so on. Label each pocket.

    Tip: Don’t have an accordion folder? Designate one resealable plastic bag to each room. You don't have to open the bags to see what’s inside, so you can sort through the information quickly. Store them in a small, plastic snap-top tub.

  2. Put samples and swatches in pockets

    Gather samples of all of the furnishings in each room—fabric swatches, tile samples, wood stains, wallcovering pieces, and paint chips—and place them in the appropriate folder.

  3. Save used paint stirrers

    Label each one with the name of the room to which the paint color pertains. String them together with twine. If you want to purchase the same shade, you can bring the stick to the paint store where they can match it for you.