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Best Ways to Organize Your Kitchen 

It’s the place you probably spend the most time. Keep it clutter-free with these tips.

Kitchen Know-How

The Well-Organized Kitchen
Whether you're a daily cook or an occasional one, maximize time with the right setup.

16 Before-and-After Room Makeovers
Learn how Real Simple transformed readers’ kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

6 Unique Cookie Jars
Far from cookie-cutter, these irresistible canisters keep treats, not to mention your kitchen decor, fresh.

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Create Kitchen Shelving From a Ladder

Why bother buying kitchen shelving? Here’s how to whip up your own in a flash.
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Real-Life Kitchen Makeover

Real Simple brings some order to a cluttered kitchen.
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Kitchen Safety Tips

How safe is your kitchen? Follow these four tips to avoid cooking mishaps.
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Organizing Tips and Tricks


Reorganizing Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
Real Simple made over one woman's cluttered kitchen.

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Keep the Kitchen Clean Longer
The only thing better than finishing kitchen-cleanup duty? Not having to do it again for a while. These techniques will make your efforts last longer.

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1 Essential Kitchen Organizing Checklist 

Simple steps to follow for cooking more efficiently, cleaning up quickly―and finding everything you need instantly. 

  • Take inventory. Pull all items out of the cupboards and place on a large table. Put things into groups, creating a loose hierarchy based on how often you use the pieces.
  • Donate or toss. Evaluate each item. If you have three frying pans of the same size, donate one, along with anything you haven’t used in a couple of years. Discard anything that’s broken and can’t be repaired or is missing parts, like a pot without a handle.
  • Create zones. When putting back items, place those used for cooking and food preparation in cabinets near the stove and work surfaces; those for eating should be closer to the sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

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