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Your Ultimate Guide
to Getting Organized

Simple strategies, storage solutions, and
clutter-busting tips for transforming trouble spots.

Got a Question for an Expert Organizer?

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Let Us Help You Make Over Your Mess
Inherited clutter, spousal spread, and lack of motivation–organizing challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Have a mess you need help getting under control? Send your clutter conundrums to:

Kitchen Organizing Tricks

Organized kitchen cabinet - Landscape

Conquer Kitchen Clutter
Simple and smart clutter-clearing strategies for straightening out your pantry, cabinets, spice rack, and more.

The Well-Organized Kitchen
Whether you're a daily cook or an occasional one, maximize time with the right setup.

16 Before-and-After Makeovers
Learn how Real Simple transformed readers’ kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

New Uses for Things in the Kitchen
These items step up to the plate in less time than it takes to heat up leftovers.

Entryway Organizing Tricks

Organized entry closet

How to Organize the Entryway
Clutter coach Chip Cordelli turns this potential pileup spot (backpacks! jackets! soccer balls!) into a super-efficient on-off ramp for quick school-day exits and happy homecomings.

21 Ways to Enhance an Entryway
Looking to add vigor to your vestibule, fizz to your foyer? Try these easy ideas.

Surprise Storage for the Entryway
Put this area work as a place to stash stuff when you walk in and grab it as you go.

July’s Challenge: Tackle the Playroom, Garage, and Closets

Family sits on front steps of home

A Room-by-Room Makeover for an Organized Home
Classic trouble zones (closets, garage, playroom) get necessary transformations with clutter-busting solutions.

4 Tips for a Stress-Free Home Makeover
We all have spots we would rather close the door on. Tackle top trouble zones with these easy-to-follow tricks.

June’s Challenge: Small Space Organizing

Organized junk drawer

Your Ultimate Junk Drawer Organizer
Seven steps to revamping (and reclaiming!) the messiest spot in the house.

Make Over Your Junk Drawer
Clean out your drawer now and save time searching for that spare key or frequent shopper card later.

How to Organize Your Dresser
Rescue overstuffed drawers from chaos—and your dresser top from its destiny as a drop spot for junk. Clutter coach Chip Cordelli makes an open-and-shut case for how to do it.

Storing Pots and Pans
Three strategies to organizing your cupboards.

The Secret to Creating an Efficient Kitchen
Create an efficient workspace with these strategies and tips.

May’s Challenge: Utility Closet Organizing Tips

Utility closet

How to Organize Your Utility Closet
Looking to transform this neglected catchall into an accessible arsenal of home maintenance? Clutter coach Chip Cordelli has the right tools for the task.

Organize Your Cleaning Supplies
How to tackle the biggest challenges of your broom closet.

April’s Challenge: Command Center Organizing Tricks

Family desk and command center

How to Organize the Family Command Center
Dream of trading in your perpetual piles for an appealing hub that keeps family life running smoothly? Thanks to clutter coach Chip Cordelli, your wish is our command (center).

Before and After Bulletin Board Makeover
With four kids under 9, this mom had a jam-packed info center―and needed help.

A Home Office Makeover
Real Simple brings some order (and some charm) to a cluttered home office.

20 Home Office Organizing Tricks
Clever products and space-saving strategies to help you declutter your space.

February’s Challenge: Medicine Cabinet Organizing Tricks

Clear boxes to organize first aid essentials

Medicine Cabinet Organizing Tricks
Simple strategies for finding a place for all of your bathroom essentials.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover
It’s easy to let over the counter medicines expire and the bandage box run down to zero, but keeping everything current and stocked is the best way to be prepared for an emergency.

A Glossary of Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
The over-the-counter medicines and supplies to have at the ready for minor emergencies.

Medicine Cabinet Essentials Checklist
Keep these supplies on hand to treat minor ailments―and to save yourself a late-night dash to the drugstore.

Organizing Checklists

Kitchen timer

Organizing the Kitchen Checklist
An organized kitchen allows you to cook more efficiently, clean up quickly―and find everything you need instantly.

Pantry Organizing Checklist
A well-organized pantry means you’ll always know what materials you have on hand.

Complete Kitchen Cleaning Checklist
A step-by-step guide to efficiently cleaning your most-used room (in just a few hours, or over the course of a few days).

Speed-Clean Your Refrigerator
Take your refrigerator from filthy to flawless in 20 minutes with this cleaning checklist.

Kitchen Chores for Kids Checklist
Get your kids into the kitchen with this guide to simple, safe cooking tasks broken down by age.

Organizing Videos

A pile of envelopes and bills

How-To: Organize Bills
It’s safe to say that no one enjoys paying the bills, but having a solid system for tackling this task—as shown in this video—can take at least some of the sting out of it. Here’s how to keep bills organized both before and after you pay them.

How-To Eliminate Cord Clutter
Those dozens of wires around your home―in your kitchen, by your computer, behind your TV―can be a tangled nuisance. Control cord clutter with the quick tricks and clever organizing products shown in this video. 

How-To: Organize a Closet
Having a neat, organized closet simplifies your life, making it easier to get dressed every morning. This video shows how to organize a closet in three easy steps.

How-To: Fold a T-Shirt
When it’s time to do some T-shirt folding, use the simple trick in this video. You can fold a T-shirt in 15 seconds flat for a guaranteed wrinkle-free fit.


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