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Garage Sale Planning Guide

A Handy Garage Sale Pricing Guide

Follow these yard sale pricing guidelines to make sure your stuff moves.

Yard sale itemsGreg Ruffing

You’ll make more money if you do some research first by browsing thrift shops and yard sales in your area. (Prices vary widely by region.) But if your main goal is to get rid of as much stuff as possible with some compensation for your time and effort, follow these pricing guidelines from the pros.

Hardcover books: $1 (paperbacks, two for $1)

CDs and DVDs: $1

Mainstream brand-name clothing: $5 to $15

T-shirts: two for $1

Shoes: $5 to $10

Costume jewelry: $1 (or $5 for a few items)

Coffee tables: $50 to $100

Dining chairs: $25 to $150 each

Dishes and glasses: $5 to $30 for an eightpiece set

China: $1 to $10 a plate

Kitchen gadgets: $1 to $5

Lamps: $5 to $30

Mirrors and artwork: $1 to $10 (small); $30 to $100 (large)

Sofas: $150 to $300

Board games: $1 to $5

Ikea anything: 30 to 50 percent of the original price

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