How to Organize a Closet

Having a neat, organized closet simplifies your life, making it easier to get dressed every morning. This video shows how to organize a closet in three easy steps.

What You Need

  1. Check closet
  2. Check clothing
  3. Check clear garment bag
  4. Check matching hangers

Follow These Steps

  1. Create a grab-and-go section

    Your grab-and-go basics are the foundation items that you wear every day: your favorite jeans, a crisp white shirt, a pair of khaki pants. These are the clothes you can throw on and know they’ll work, because they’re classic and simple and mix and match well with everything else. Group these items together in your closet.

    Tip: Having hangers in just one style and color will immediately give your closet a more orderly appearance.

  2. Make a novelty section

    Here’s where you’ll put the items that are not so basic, the ones that add flair to your grab-and-go garments. These are the clothes with prints, patterns, beading, and other flourishes—a ruffled blouse or a bright, fitted jacket, for example.

  3. Allocate an archive section

    Consider taking clothing you wear all the time out of rotation for a month, so you’ll be forced to revisit pieces you haven’t worn in a while. Gather the archive items and hang them together in a clear garment bag. A month later they’ll feel like new, and in the meanwhile, you’ll probably have turned some once-forgotten garments into new favorites. Change this section every month.

    Tip: Getting dressed is easier if you begin from the bottom up, starting with pants or a skirt.