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The Desk

Little girl writing on a clean and organized children's desk  James Baigrie
Pieces to show their personalities: Items that the girls love, like colorful stationery ( and special, age-appropriate works of art put the final touches on a room the sisters can take pride in―which, in turn, encourages them to take good care of it going forward.

 One handy workstation: Alison says June and Molly both put “a clean work space for homework and writing letters” at the top of their wish lists. The Cabana Vanity ($1,995, has three roomy drawers and a flip-up mirror in the center compartment, so it can serve as a desk and a vanity. The best part: A sleek, big-girl look means June and Molly will use it for years to come.

 Storage that’s undercover: Molly’s biggest gripe? “Some areas are too full, like the floor!” Two cushion-lidded ottomans ($129 each, offer a place to stash all those accumulating odds and ends and provide glamorous seating for each girl to call her own.

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