Between the overstuffed makeup drawer, ever-expanding medicine cabinet, and piles of paper goods and toiletries, your bathroom can become a jumbled mess quite easily. In order to make your get-ready routine less stressful, Real Simple has compiled the best bathroom organization ideas to help streamline all the stuff. You will find under the sink storage solutions, as well as suggestions for keeping the medicine cabinet in tip top shape (avoiding those frantic last minute runs to the drug store). No room to keep everything tucked away and hidden? Pretty bins, baskets, and jars can corral items you can keep out on display (think towels, extra toilet paper, cotton swabs, and cotton balls). And don’t forget to clean—all of that moisture in the bathroom can lead to mold and mildew build up. Follow our complete bathroom cleaning checklist to make sure you are disinfecting each spot from top to bottom.

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