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6 New Uses for a Sock

Clever ways to repurpose an everyday item.

Sock on wineJim Cooper

1. Wine “Bag”

Slip a (clean) patterned kneesock over the bottom of a bottle, then knot the top to create a decorative carrier. Better yet, offer your hostess two bottles so she can later enjoy toasty toes.

2. Heating Pad

To soothe an achy neck or back, fill a sock with rice and a few drops of a relaxing essential oil, like lavender. Tie with ribbon; microwave for one minute.

3. Dusting Device

Clean hard-to-reach places, like behind the refrigerator, by attaching a sock to the end of a broom and securing it with an elastic band. Lint and dirt stick to the sock for a clean finish.

4. Bulb Protector

If a loose lightbulb has lost its box, slip a sock over the bulb to prevent it from shattering.

5. Draft Dodger

Fill a sock with beans or even old dish towels and place in front of a drafty window or door.

6. Desk Upgrade

Place a Mason jar into a pretty patterned sock, then tuck excess fabric inside the jar. Fill with supplies.

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