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A Room-by-Room Guide to Making Your Home Safer

How to prevent the leading causes of home injuries, from slips and falls to smoke and fires.

By Jennifer Jafarzadeh
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Slips, Trips, Falls

  • Install motion sensors that will turn on lights when you approach the walkway.
  • Shed light on a wide area with outdoor floodlights. (Choose halogen floodlights that can tolerate cold temperatures. Make sure porches are well lit.)
  • Dead, loose tree limbs can pose a danger during windstorms. Keep trees trimmed to prevent damage to your house or yourself.


  • Store gasoline outside the home.
  • When grilling, use only charcoal starter fluids designed for barbecue grills. Never add fluid once the coals have been lit.
  • So firefighters can find your home easily in an emergency, make sure your house number is clearly posted at the road.


  • Keep ladders at least 10 feet from power lines.
  • When using extension cords outside, use only those specifically marked for outdoor use.


  • Install a five-foot-high fence on all four sides of a pool. Don't let water accumulate on top of a pool cover―it creates a drowning hazard.
  • Designate the grilling area as a kid-free zone.


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