How to Remove a Stuck Light Bulb

Think you have to break a stuck bulb to get it dislodged from the socket? Think again. Try the easier, faster, and safer solution in this video―and let there be light.

What You Need

  1. Check lamp with a bulb
  2. Check duct tape
  3. Check scissors

Follow These Steps

  1. Turn the power off and let the bulb cool

    Unplug your lamp or turn off the switch and wait about two minutes for the bulb to cool.

  2. Cut the tape and make a loop

    Cut a two-foot-long strip of duct tape. Gently make a loop by affixing ends together, keeping the tape’s sticky side turned inward.

  3. Create handles with the tape

    Lower your tape loop around the bulb and gently press tape at the loop’s center onto the bulb’s sides. Pinch the remaining lengths of tape together to form two long strips on either side of the bulb.

    Tip: In case the bulb breaks, wear gardening or work gloves for these steps.

  4. Twist counterclockwise

    Gripping ends between your thumbs and index fingers, twist counterclockwise to loosen the bulb.

    Tip: Use an unpeeled potato to remove the base of a broken bulb. (With the power off, of course.)