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Step 1: Consider paint quality as much as color.

Looks matter, but ease of use and endurance are equally important. As a painter, you'll want the product to go on smooth (glideability), and provide good coverage in just one coat. For long-term care and performance, choose a brand that cleans easily, sticks to even the most difficult surfaces and stands up against high traffic and repeated contact.


Step 2: Get inspiration from the experts.

Choosing a color that fits your needs and style and reflects the latest trends can be overwhelming. Narrow the tremendous pool of options by typing "top paint colors" into an online search engine. You'll get instant access to the hottest picks by room, category, and palette—straight from the most trusted names in the field.


Step 3: Utilize all visualize aids before buying a single sample.

Sampling should be your last resort, only after you've explored the variety of visual aids available. Try Glidden™ Paint's Extra Large Paint Chips with coordinating colors and inspiring room views on the back—the user-friendly tool makes it easier than ever to determine how a color will look in a room or work with others.


Step 4: Test drive your favorites.

Whether you've got it down to one or a final few, give your favorites(s) a spin before committing by the gallon. Factors to consider include the room's lighting and how the color matches with present and future furnishing. For the ultimate in simplicity, choose Glidden™ Paint—their paint testers come with the brush attached right to the lid, so you've got everything you need in one convenient bottle.


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