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Smart Tips From a Home Fragrance Expert

As the nose behind countless high-end blends, Rayda Vega has good scents to spare. Here, she shares tips on infusing your rooms with unique olfactory charm.

By Nicole Sforza
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And in the bedroom?
Orange flower and lavender promote relaxation. You can put fresh lavender buds in a pretty dish—just not by your head. The scent would be too strong. I buy mine at the local farmers’ market. Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom candle ($65, is also quiet and soothing. For a scent that’s a little sexy, try something with musk, vanilla, and amber, like Tocca’s Collette candle ($38,

Any buying tips for candles?
Rub your finger on the wax around the wick to release the fragrance before you sniff. And beware of liquid beading on top. That’s the sign of a poorly made candle. It means the fragrance and the wax aren’t compatible.

What about room sprays?
The best sprays, like Bath & Body Works’ Sandalwood Citrus ($9.50,, have a very fine dispersion. If droplets hit you when you walk through the mist, that’s not a fine spray. Spritzing linens can be nice. Use sprays made specifically for fabric so they don’t leave a stain.

What’s good for those who don’t usually like fragrance?
Try something with daisies, wildflowers, or sunflowers on the label. That means the scent is likely to be natural and bright, not perfumy. Some flowers, like daisies, may not smell at all, so the manufacturers aren’t taking the actual oils from the plant. They’re creating a scent based on our ideas about these flowers. But if you really don’t like fragrance, skip it!

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