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Grow Herbs in a Potted Arrangement

Ideas for edible container gardens.

By Madaline Sparks
Outdoor plantsRichard Felber

Besides defining the outdoor space, an arrangement can double as a kitchen garden, just steps from the stove. The pots shown are planted with (from front to back) Berggarten sage, purple basil, horseradish, rosemary, bronze fennel, and lemongrass. Any number of herbs, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables could be substituted and grown successfully in these large containers.
Keep in mind that many herbs and vegetables require at least six hours of full sun. Some herbs, such as mint, chives, lemon balm, and parsley, can survive on about four hours of sun. Check plant tags carefully to see what works best given the light conditions you’re working with. (See Growing Cherry Tomatoes for more information.)

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