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Grow Your Own Sanctuary

Home farming is a relaxing, rewarding way to reconnect with the earth, whether you have an acre plot, a backyard patio, or even a city window sill. Find a bright spot and take a few moments each day to bask in the activity of nurturing a seed into something bigger. Make it your time to practice deep breathing, listen to your favorite music, or just reflect on the day’s events.

Share The Experience

Make it a group effort with friends and have everyone plant something different but complementary, like lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, dill, and peppers. Swap the fruits of your labor co-op style, and set a date to get together and cook a meal using all your fresh, homegrown (and healthy) ingredients.

Foster A New Appreciation

Kids will be begging to eat their vegetables when they’ve helped them grow. To captivate their interest, get creative with found containers like brightly colored food cans, an old mail box, or even a pair of rain boots. Almost anything works as long as it holds soil, is the right size for your project, and has a hole cut in the bottom for drainage. Enjoy the opportunity to spend quality time together while encouraging a new generation to respect the beauty and bounty of nature.

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