Aha! Guide to Gardening

Grow Edible Flowers and Herbs at Home

These 15 varieties can flourish on a windowsill. All thrive in full sun; those with an asterisk will also grow in partial shade. 

By Christine Camean
Glass bowl of leaves and flowersBeth Galton


1. Basil

2. Tuberous begonia*

3. Rosemary*

4. Calendula

5. Lemon balm*

6. Viola*

7. Thyme

8. Chives*

9. Flat-leaf parsley*

10. Marigold (French or signet types)

11. Marjoram

12. Nasturtium

13. Tarragon*

14. Pansy* (pictured)

15. Sage

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Aha! Guide to Gardening

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