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Garage Sale Planning Guide

Throwing a garage sale? Use these pointers to ensure your clutter turns into cash.

Getting Started

How to Advertise Your Garage Sale
Whether you want to hang signs or send a tweet, these strategies will help you attract yard sale shoppers.

Spatulas, a salad spinner, a strainer, and a baster

What to Sell at a Garage Sale

See which items are most likely to find new homes at your next yard sale.
Photo: Henry Leutwyler

9 Smart Garage Sale Strategies

How to work the room (er, yard) to seal the deal.
Photo: Greg Ruffing

16 Items to Sell at Your Next Yard Sale

Follow these yard sale pricing guidelines to make sure your stuff moves.
Photo: Greg Ruffing

Yard Sale Dos and Don’ts

You’ve got 30 seconds to grab someone’s attention before she presses the gas and speeds off, says Aaron LaPedis, the author of The Garage Sale Millionaire. Here, his display dos and don’ts.
Photo: Greg Ruffing
Spatulas, a salad spinner, a strainer, and a baster
Yard sale
Yard sale items
Yard sale display table and chairs