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Easy DIY Ideas

Save money and learn how to do it yourself, from beauty treatments (how to trim your bangs) to small home improvement fixes (how to replace a doorknob).

Easy Makeovers

20 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom
Easy ideas that will transform your bath. 

40 Living Room Decorating Ideas
Surprising, low-cost ways to update your home décor.

Sofa with multi-colored pillow and slipcover

5 DIY Decorating Projects

Easy upgrades you can make around the house.
Photo: Ellen Silverman

How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

With a good pair of scissors and a bit of know-how, trimming your bangs yourself is actually easy.
Photo:  Lucas Allen

15 Quick Fixes to Make Around the House

Fifteen-minute projects that won't put a dent in your weekend.
Photo: Lucas Allen

DIY Accessory Repairs

How to fix bent-out-of-shape bags, dull jewelry, scratched leather, and more.
Photo: Olivia Graham
Sofa with multi-colored pillow and slipcover
Woman cutting bangs
Home repair supplies
Model with jewel-tone handbag

Home-Improvement Tips

Book shelves

Create Book Shelves, Literally
Here's a clever new use for old books: Make your own shelves in three simple steps.

How To: Remove a Stuck Light Bulb

How to Remove a Stuck Light Bulb
Think you have to break a stuck bulb to get it dislodged from the socket? Think again. Try the easier, faster, and safer solution in this video―and let there be light.

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General Tools 10-inch Hawk one-hand ratcheting pipe wrench

Tool Kit Checklist

Ever wonder how much stuff (make that how little stuff) you actually need? Real Simple rallied the experts to find out. Get your trash bag: We're parin' down.

  • A putty knife: Removes old caulk or opening paint cans.
  • A standard flat-nose claw hammer: 12 to 16 ounces with a steel head.
  • A multihead screwdriver: Phillips-head, flathead, and Torx (six-point star shape).

View The Entire Checklist

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