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Creating a Comfy Home

Beautiful, Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Kim Sava lives by an uncommon philosophy: Keep only what you use, make peace with imperfection, and (seriously) help those in need. Her beautiful home is a snapshot of her spirit. 

Kim Sava with dog Penny
Katherine Wolkoff

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Meet Kim Sava

Some people have a talent for seeing things differently. Kim Sava is that kind of person. Free-spirited and open, she finds enchantment and usefulness where others might miss it. The cozy 1,500-square-foot home she shares with her family is proof of that. It’s a calming ode to elevated castoffs. “Whenever I see boxes in front of a house, I stop,” says Kim. “You never know when you’ll find something strange or beautiful.”

Kim, 53, is a charming outlier in her town just north of New York City. A stay-at-home mom who takes care of newborns for a private adoption agency, Kim moves to the beat of her own drum in many aspects of her life—and always has.