Creating a Comfy Home

Beautiful, Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Kim Sava lives by an uncommon philosophy: Keep only what you use, make peace with imperfection, and (seriously) help those in need. Her beautiful home is a snapshot of her spirit. 

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Katherine Wolkoff  

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Finding a Home For Everything

Whether they’re her own or other people’s, Kim can’t resist objects with stories to tell: “Once I came across a collection of glasses stolen from bars, each with a label on the bottom saying where it had been snatched from.” Luckily, she has plenty of people to bequeath treasures and hand-me-downs to. “I leave things on my girlfriends’ porches, and they do the same for me,” she says of her community circuit. “It’s nice to find a home for things.”

Does Kim miss any of the stuff that she has purged over the years? “My big brother was mad at me because I sold his Marine Corps uniform,” she says. “That’s my one big regret.” Then, after a pause: “Maybe I’ll find it someday at a thrift shop.”

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