How to Make a Floral Centerpiece With Takeout Containers

Making a centerpiece to enliven your dinner table doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming, as you’ll see in this video. The fresh, fun, and easy floral centerpiece here will cost you mere dollars and take only minutes.

What You Need

  • scissors
    cardboard takeout containers
    sturdy sandwich bags
    baby's breath
Follow These Three Easy Steps
  1. Tie ribbon around the box

    Cut a piece of ribbon about 15 inches long and tie it around the opening of a takeout box, weaving it in and out of the slits. Finish with a bow on the front of the box.

  2. Tape a plastic bag to the inside and fill with water

    Securely place a sandwich bag in the container and fill it halfway with water.

  3. Cut and arrange flowers

    Cut a spray of baby’s breath to the height of the takeout box and arrange the stems in the bag of water.

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