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How to Make a Table Centerpiece With Recycled Cans

A backyard party or barbecue doesn’t call for elaborate decorations, just something fun for the table―like this rustic, charming, and easy centerpiece. It's so simple—as this video shows, you can assemble it in minutes—you can make it with your kids.
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  • tin cans
  • scissors
  • soap
  • water (or adhesive-removing solution)
  • carnations
  1. Gather cans

    Look in your recycling bin for a few tin cans of varying sizes (go for an odd number, which always looks good grouped together).

  2. Peel off labels and wash the cans

    Remove the labels, using soap and water to get rid of any stickiness or paper remnants. If this doesn’t do the trick, try an adhesive-removing solution. Wash cans thoroughly.

  3. Cut and arrange flowers

    Fill each can with water. Cut carnations to height of cans. Working with a few flowers at a time, fill the cans with flowers, making a full bouquet in each. Group cans in the center of the table.

    Tip: Carnations are hardy, so if you change the water every few days, this arrangement should last two weeks.

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