Holiday Decorations for Your Home

This year Real Simple tapped three style pros to create freshly festive holiday decorations that you can easily recreate at home.

Sideboard decorated for Hanukkah
Photo by Gentl & Hyers; Stylist: Jeffrey W. Miller

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Silvery Sideboard

“I like a relaxed Hanukkah table in traditional colors. A cluster of pitchers makes an informal centerpiece that you can leave in place and refresh all season. With a menorah—or even without one the effect is sculptural, almost like a skyline.” —Jeffrey W. Miller, Stylist

Mixed-Print Linens
For texture, color, and warmth, layer a lively patterned runner on a casual (that is, unironed) basic white tablecloth. Use napkins of various prints to bring a fun sensibility to the table.

Intriguing Levels and Textures
If your pitchers are all about the same height, elevate one on a cake stand or a decorative box. And don’t be a stickler about polishing silver—tarnished pitchers have character.

Frosty Greens and Flowers
Stick with a simple palette of white and silvery gray. Tuck one type of flower (or foliage) in each container. Cut most to sit low, which will unify the pitchers, then leave a single stem long so it hovers above the grouping as a focal point. The flowers and foliage here can be found at most florists, but don’t forget your own backyard: Scout around for artful branches with pretty berries. You can also go to the supermarket and grab a mix of white flowers. From left: Silver Brocade artemisia, calla lilies cut short, a soaring Nerine lily, a solo leaf of lamb’s ear, and Silver Kochia.

White Dishes and Serving Pieces
With all that’s going on, you can just use your everyday white dishes. They’ll be a welcome respite and help keep the table from feeling chaotic and overdone.

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