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Holiday Decorations for Your Home

This year Real Simple tapped three style pros to create freshly festive holiday decorations that you can easily recreate at home.

Holiday gifts under a decorated tree
Photo by Gentl & Hyers; Stylist: Robyn Glaser

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Glamorous Gift-Scape

“I like to choose a theme and palette for presents each year. This idea is all about exotic, over-the-top elegance: peacock colors, rich patterns, and feathers instead of bows.” —Robyn Glaser, Stylist

Blue, Green, and Gold Paper
Pick two or three patterns and a few solids, including one that’s very bright (like the turquoise here). Other rich palette options: hot pink and orange, deep purple and red, or—for the classicist—a mix of light, dark, and metallic greens.

Neat, Graphic Ribbons
Use solid and striped trim of various widths, and try something new. Go once around the middle, or trim the side of a box (double-stick tape works well). Layer a thin ribbon on top of a thicker one, or put two colors side by side. A single feather (readily available online) makes a magnificent flourish.

Trimmings for the Tree
To link the presents with the rest of the decor, adorn the branches with pretty peacocks and inexpensive gold balls (or any shiny orbs that echo your selected palette).

Styled Stacks
Angle and lean boxes to show off their best sides. Your brightest solid-color paper will provide maximum pop if you use it sparingly.

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