Easy Decorating Ideas

Simple and inspiring decorating ideas that will add instant style to your home.
  • Make a wish list.In one column, put your wants. In the other, your needs. That way, when faced with tough choices down the line, you’ll have a clearer picture of your priorities—what has to happen now and what can wait. (A second bathroom upstairs might be a must; a stainless steel Viking range, maybe not so much.)
  • Determine your budget.Before you meet with a contractor or an architect, you’ll need a ballpark estimate—then both of you will be able to talk honestly about what’s possible. (P.S.: It’s a good idea to build some padding—at least 10 percent is recommended—into your number, for all those unexpected uh-ohs and might-as-wells that will crop up.)
  • Consult the calendar.What is your timeline for the renovation? If you want the living room done for, say, Jenna’s graduation party, don’t wait until spring to start talking about it. Likewise, you won’t want to install a new roof when a New England winter is looming—or schedule any major demolition a month before you host a family reunion.
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