How to Hang a Picture

You've found the perfect spot for that picture, but hanging it just right seems like such a daunting task. Follow the quick, foolproof steps in this video.

What You Need

  1. Check hammer
  2. Check nail
  3. Check tape measure
  4. Check pencil
  5. Check level
  6. Check transparent tape
  7. Check clothespin (optional)
  8. Check frame

Follow These Steps

  1. Find your wall’s center

    To make sure your frame is centered, start by measuring the width of the wall where you’re going to hang it. Divide the measurement by two and mark this halfway point with your pencil.

  2. Decide on the picture height

    Position your frame so that it’s at eye level for the average adult, making sure the bottom is no more than four feet off the ground.

  3. Mark the top of your frame near the center mark

    With your pencil, mark where the top of the frame rests against the wall.

    Tip: Unsure about frame placement? Test it with adhesive removable picture hangers.

  4. Measure for your nail

    Measure the distance from the top of the frame to the hanging wire or hook. Now, starting from the mark you made to indicate where your frame’s top will go, measure down (aligning with your wall’s center mark) to pinpoint the place where your nail will go. Mark this spot with a small x.

  5. Hammer nail on an angle

    Place a small piece of transparent tape over your x mark to prevent the plaster from cracking when the nail hits the wall. Then hammer your nail into the middle of your x at a slight upward angle. Clamping your nail in place with a clothespin is a great way to avoid hammer accidents.

  6. Hang your frame

    Place frame on the nail, adjusting to make sure it’s hanging straight.

  7. Use a level to insure your picture is straight

    Rest a level on the top of your frame and adjust for straightness until the level’s bubble is centered.