Decorating With Color

What's your favorite color? Try these easy ways to incorporate a vibrant splash into your home decor.

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Color Combinations for Your Home

The fastest way to jump-start any makeover? Introduce colors that suit your rooms, your style, and your life. Here are exciting, foolproof paint picks (plus gorgeous accessories) to get you going.

4 DIY Decorating Ideas for a Staircase

Enhance your entryway with these creative techniques.

Decorating With Orange

From show-stopping wall paint to earthy home accents, you can easily (and artfully) add orange to any room in the house.


Color Know-How

How to Design a Modern Living Room

Three easy-to-apply tricks for creating a beautiful space.

Decorating With Stripes

Add a playful edge to any room with a few colorful (vertical or horizontal) lines.