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Complete Garage Makeover

A step-by-step strategy for making your hardest-working space work better.

By Kelly Tagore
Sports equipment on a pegboard in a garageDavid Prince

3. Purge One More Time

  • After you sort, you'll be left with a number of piles.
  • Look through each pile. What you find may surprise you. Did you know you had six tennis rackets? Maybe one or two of those should go in a giveaway box. The more things you get rid of, the fewer you'll have to put back.

4. Designate Storage Areas

  • Once you've winnowed down your piles to the keepers, you're ready to create a storage area for each one. In general, plan to store things you use regularly, like cleaning products, closest to the door to the house. Store items you use outside, like garden equipment, closest to the garage door.
  • After you've figured out which pile is going where, you'll need to determine just how you're going to store things. Items you use regularly, like oversize pots and pans, bulk groceries, and craft supplies, are ideally kept on open shelves. Closed-door storage is best for hazardous items such as cleaning supplies and solvents, particularly if you have children. Hand tools and garden equipment can be hung from wall-mounted hooks or racks, as can sports equipment such as Boogie boards and skis. Not only are things easy to see when they're hung high but you'll also free up floor space for parking.
  • Relegate those things you use only once a year or even less frequently―Christmas decorations, old yearbooks―to overhead rafters or the uppermost reaches of shelves.
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