Fresh home, happy cat

The scoop on keeping your home clean, fresh, and cat-friendly.

Brush your cat often. It’s a pleasant bonding ritual most cats love that also reduces shedding, so you’ll find less hair around the house.

Add a blanket to your cat’s favorite hangouts and resting spots, and wash it weekly to eliminate odors.

Make sure your cat’s litter box gives her easy access and a little privacy, and be sure to scoop out clumps daily.

Try the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System to help lock litter and odor away in 3 simple steps. Just scoop clumps, open the lid to drop them in, and pull the handle to seal in waste and odors.
Multiple cats can make keeping your home fresh a challenge. For the ultimate hassle-free solution, the Litter Genie® System’s unique seven- layer bags with built-in odor barrier technology help protect against odors and germs.

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