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Laundry Tips

Got laundry duty? Tackle one load at a time with these simple shortcuts for stain-removal.

Tackle Laundry Duty

What Really Goes On Inside Your Washer and Dryer?
Find out what happens to your clothes once those machines start spinning.

The Best Spot Removers
You can’t tackle everything with club soda and elbow grease. Try these stain-busters.

Laundry room

Your Laundry, Simplified

A no-spin guide to washing clothes, car-seat covers, and nearly everything in between.
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20 Tips to Make Your Wardrobe Last

Extend the life of your favorite clothes and accessories with these key strategies.
Photo: Klas Fahlén

Fabric Care 101

Before you get down and dirty, it's important to know your fibers.
Photo: William Abranowicz

8 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

Simple tips that will reduce the impact all those loads have on the environment.
Photo: Peter Lamastro
Laundry room
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Jars of laundry detergent
Eagle Drying Rack

Time-Saving Tricks

Mom and kids in laundry room

A Cluttered Laundry Room Gets Organized
A family’s dreary laundry room receives a much needed makeover, thanks to a few high-efficiency strategies.

Illustration of laundry on a line

Essential Laundry Products
You probably have these items in your arsenal, but you may not know these handy tips.

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Bajer EZ Fold'r Laundry Basket

12 Steps to a Clean Laundry Room 

Fifteen minutes is all you need to keep this space sparkling. 

  • Minute 1: Toss all trash. Remove rugs or mats and shake them outside. Drape them over a fence or a rail to air them out.
  • Minute 2: Run a dust mop over ceiling corners to catch cobwebs.
  • Minute 3: Use wipes to clean the sink and the shelves. Clean the light fixture with a dry cloth.

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