Laundry Room Repairs Made Easier 

Avoid in-home service calls with washers and dryers that communicate directly with technicians.

By Ashley Niedringhaus
Laundry roomWilliam Abranowicz

You (on the phone): “My washing machine is banging.” Service tech: “Can you describe the noise?” You (annoyed): “Well, it sounds like…um, bang.” Much to the relief of anyone who has endured this type of frustrating exchange, Kenmore has created new washers and dryers that communicate directly with service consultants ( Imagine that! Consumers call 800-469-4663, place the mouthpiece of the phone over the machine’s power button, and push the wash/rinse button on washers and the temperature button on dryers. More than 100 different data points, including water temperature and spin speed, are instantly sent to a technician who will troubleshoot the problem for free. Finally, there is a way to avoid the expense of an in-home service call—and restore (relative) calm to the laundry room.


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