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Laundry Basics

Your back-to-basics guide to washing, drying, and tackling stubborn stains.

Simple Laundry Tips

You Can Tackle the Laundry
...and have time and energy to spare. Try these smart, helpful tips from real women and experts who tackled the ghastly scenarios you posed to us in a recent survey.

Euro-Pro Shark Rapido Electronic Iron

The Best Irons

Your old standby may still get the job done, but these new models—our favorites of 40 tested—are flat-out fantastic.
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Real Simple Solutions Cleaning and Laundry Organizing Products

These 16 new products will make tackling all of your cleaning and laundry duties a breeze.

The When-to-Wash-It Handbook: Winter Edition

A straightforward guide to laundering cold-weather staples from parkas to wool pants.
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Laundry New Uses 

Surprising new spins on utility-room essentials.
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Euro-Pro Shark Rapido Electronic Iron
Laundry Tote
Washed cardigan
Baby powder, white shirt and iron on an ironing board

Laundry Tricks

Washer and dryer in a laundry room

Set Up an Efficient Laundry Room
How to organize your laundry-room space so you can get the most out of it.

A clean and organized laundry room

How to Do Laundry
A no-spin guide to washing clothes, car-seat covers, and nearly everything in between.

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Washing machine

Complete Laundry-Room Cleaning Checklist

Follow this step-by-step guide to efficiently clean your laundry room (in just a few hours, or over the course of a few days).

  • Run white vinegar through the washer. This will sanitize the inside and clear away soap scum.
  • Empty the lint trap. Wipe off fuzz with a damp cloth or a used fabric-softener sheet. Or wet your hands and run your fingers over the mesh screen to scoop up the lint. Fabric softener can cause a waxy buildup on the screen, so wash it out in a sink or vacuum it.
  • Wipe the interior walls of the dryer. Use a cloth dampened with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Scrub any linty residue around the trap opening with an old toothbrush, if necessary.

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