Declutter, deep-clean, and reorganize your home with these tips and tricks.

March 08, 2016
You’ve heard this one since you were a kid—with good reason. “A made bed will help even the most cluttered of bedrooms look tidier with very little effort,” says Jolie Kerr, cleaning columnist and author of My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag… And Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha. “It really does make a psychological difference in how you feel about your home.” Sure, laundry might be piling up in the hamper, or a little film of dust might be visible over the dresser, but a neat bed means you’ll be less apt to notice those things (and maybe even more encouraged to tackle them), while a messy bed can mentally highlight other problem areas. Added bonus? People who made their beds every day were nearly 20 percent more likely to report getting a good night's sleep, according to one National Sleep Foundation poll.
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This year, an organized home is just a tap away. These seven apps are serious sanity-savers. 

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You might think that's impossible, but we have the secret to a mirror that looks like-new. Get the full tutorial here.

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If cleaning and re-organizing the entire house—or even an entire room—sounds too overwhelming, then start small. Start with your pantry. 

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Do these nine simple things every day, and we guarantee your house will stay clean all year.