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All About Appliances

Learn how to buy (and clean) home and kitchen appliances, avoid expensive appliance repairs, and reuse your existing appliances in clever ways.

Appliance Basics

How to Buy Major Appliances
What you need to know before making a big-ticket purchase.

Washing machine with soap suds

Guide to Troubleshooting Your Appliances

Before shelling out money for a major repair (or―gulp!―a new machine), read this.
Photo: Charles Masters

Little Big Kitchen Helper: The Food Processor

It may be the best kitchen time-saver you’re not using. Get tips, plus 5 new recipes.
Photo:  James Baigrie

14 Who-Knew? Uses for Your Microwave

More than a popcorn popper, this versatile appliance was underutilized―until now.
Photo: Michele Gastl

The Best Coffeemakers

Eight high-performing winners guaranteed to perk you up.
Photo: Alessi
Washing machine with soap suds
Cuisinart food processor
Microwave with sponges
Alessi Cactus! French press

Appliance Tricks

Full dishwasher

The Secret Life of Your Dishwasher 
How to load, run, and make the most out of your kitchen appliance.

Microwave and refrigerator in the kitchen

Home Appliance Worksheet
Stay organized and prepared with this handy document. 

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Cleaning Kitchen Appliances Checklist

Keep your kitchen appliances sparkling with these quick tips.

  • Pop off the blades and any other removable parts. Soak them in a sink filled with warm water and dishwashing liquid.
  • Hand wash the blender carafe and the food-processor bowl using warm, soapy water. Or wash them on the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Scour the blades. A nylon brush should remove any particles caked onto the blades.

View The Entire Checklist

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