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Natural Fall Décor

It’s time to use what’s in season for fall to your advantage. Decorate your home for Thanksgiving with the season’s natural elements—from the farm stand, the grocery store, and even your own backyard. Let your surroundings inspire you when it comes to fall decorating. If you’ve seen some beautiful leaves in your yard, or on your walks around the neighborhood, turn them into fall décor by flattening them and pinning them to boards for instant wall art. Or instead, of carving the pumpkins and gourds that you’ve picked up for Halloween, use them as candleholders and display on your mantel or dinner table. When it comes to displaying these natural accents, don’t just limit it to the table and the mantel, think about hanging some décor from your lighting fixtures or along your stair railing. You can even start putting these décor items out in early fall and keep them through Thanksgiving and early December—we’ll show you how to preserve fruit, leaves, and other foliage so you won’t end up with anything rotting or giving off a bad odor. Try one of these DIY ideas and your guests will be impressed with the warm, festive welcome (and your creativity!)

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