Valentine's Day

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7 Valentine’s Day-Inspired Pieces for Your Home

The look of love has never been so pretty. Instead of cliché holiday décor, these picks are a bit more classic and work throughout the year, while still offering a vibe of romance.

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3 Delicious Recipes to Create a Cozy At-Home Date Night

It’s happened again: Valentine’s Day is nigh upon us, and that big night out you’d been planning... well, the restaurant’s booked, the sitter’s busy, and you’ve got the sniffles. (Thanks, real life!) But fear not: True romance doesn’t require reservations. Indeed, with a bit of forethought and an hour or so in the kitchen, anyone can bring the sparkle and deliciousness of date night home.

6 Affordable Date Night Bubblies

Would you rather avoid the stress of scoring reservations and shouting over restaurant crowds? Here's an idea: This weekend, why not surprise your sweetie with a festive bottle of bubbly and a romantic date night in? After all, the world of sparkling wine keeps getting bigger, better, and more affordable. So, pop open one of these six great bottles and toast the one you love.

5 Unique Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

There's no dinner-and-a-movie on this list.

The Sneaky Health Benefits of Aphrodisiacs

The jury is still out on whether some of these foods actually increase lust, but they definitely are linked with a host of health benefits—so consider this your perfect Valentine’s Day menu.

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