Valentine's Day Ideas For Her

Valentine’s Day can be a real challenge to shop for—it falls less than two months after the holiday season and there’s so much pressure to find just the right thing to express your love. For couples who fully embrace Cupid’s holiday, we’ve come up with plenty of creative Valentine’s Day ideas for her. Starting with gifts: From the indulgent (bathtub truffles that look exactly like the edible kind) to the practical (a tote bag that reminds her to treat herself) to the luxurious (a gilded ring holder… jewelry optional, but encouraged), there’s a little something for everyone. And don’t worry if your relationship is in the early stages—we’ve got you covered, too. Humorous presents and silly (not sentimental) cards take any awkwardness out of gifting on February 14. Or, pick out something affordable, yet thoughtful from a list of gifts for a new boyfriend or girlfriend that are just right. And if she swears all she really wants is to spend time together, consult our list of unusual date night ideas to find something plan a truly special evening.

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