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Thanksgiving Recipes and Leftovers

Easy recipes for leftover turkey, how to store your leftovers, and how long your cranberries will really last.

Essential Tools

11 Trusty Tools for Thanksgiving Dinner
Real Simple’s food editors share their go-to equipment for holiday cooking.

12 Favorite Easy-to-Find Thanksgiving Wines
The mission: to find the greatest Thanksgiving wines among the country's most popular brands. The outcome: Of more than 100 bottles tested, these 12 delicious vintages inspired the most cheers.

The Best Pie, Casserole, and Cake Carriers for Thanksgiving
Over the river and through the woods...and your Thanksgiving recipes will remain deliciously intact, thanks to these clever carriers (the best of 144 tested).

Turkey and Corn Enchiladas

10 Leftover Turkey Recipes

Tired of sandwiches? Turn to one of these creative recipes for turkey leftovers.
Photo: David Prince

8 Food-Storage Containers for Thanksgiving

From traveling with casseroles and pies to packing up leftovers to bring home, these products will help streamline your holiday.

How Long Will Food Last in the Refrigerator?

Follow these guidelines to know what is still fresh―and what to toss.
Photo: Gregor Halenda

What to Do With Leftover Wine

Use those dribs and drabs left after a party: Try these recipes for boozy syrup you can serve over waffles, ice cream, and more.
Photo:  Miki Duisterhof
Turkey and Corn Enchiladas
Stay Fresh Pie Keeper
Fully-stocked refrigerator
Wine bottles

Menu Ideas

Thanksgiving dinner plate

Streamlined Thanksgiving Menu
Don't think of it as Thanksgiving. Think of it as an extra-large Thursday-night dinner. Here's how to deconstruct (and de-stress) the whole event.

Mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy, and Brussels sprouts

Your Fastest, Easiest Thanksgiving Ever
Prepare a full spread―dessert included―in just a few hours. 

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Refrigerator and Freezer Cleaning Checklist

You may think you have the technique down cold, but keeping the refrigerator clean requires more than a box of baking soda. Think of this checklist as a refresher course.

  • Remove food. Store the frozen items in coolers. Refrigerated, perishable foods generally won’t spoil during the cleaning process if left at room temperature for under 2 hours.
  • Clean crispers and ice-maker bins. Place in warm water with dish soap and scrub. Empty ice maker (ice can absorb odors).
  • Clean doors, shelves, and walls. Vacuum food crumbs. Wipe with a solution of two tablespoons baking soda and one quart warm water.

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