Thanksgiving Menus

Thanksgiving should be a time for celebrating the company of family and friends—not for stressing out. That’s why we aim to make our Thanksgiving dinner menus as simple as they are scrumptious—using techniques and ingredients that save on time and effort but never skimp on flavor. All of the traditional favorites are right here: cranberry sauces, potato side dishes, green bean recipes, healthy salads, cornbread stuffings, easy turkey recipes, and of course, pumpkin desserts. Sure, it’s a lot—but trust us: with our handy checklist to keep the meal prep organized, you’ll never go off track. Looking for a few creative new Thanksgiving recipes to round out the classic spread? We’ve got lots of ideas—from a deconstructed turkey basted with thyme butter to dark chocolate cacao nib brownies studded with tart cranberries—that are sure make your menu feel fresh all over again, whether it’s first year in the kitchen or your 50th.

7 Fresh Fall Salads for the Thanksgiving Table

These healthy, vibrant salads make a delicious complement to a carb-heavy Thanksgiving feast. 

6 Seasonal Thanksgiving Sides You Can Make in a Slow Cooker

Juggling all the details on a Thanksgiving menu can be a logistical nightmare. Put everyone’s favorite time-saving appliance to work instead.

Thanksgiving Pies Worth Making Room For (No Matter How Full You Are)

There’s only one way to end a holiday meal: with a dessert that’s just as satisfying as the main event. From the unexpected, like Chocolate Whiskey Pecan Pie, to the old standbys, like Sweet Potato Pie, we’ve got a dozen dessert ideas that’ll leave your guests wanting just one more sliver.

The Fastest Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes Ever

Anyone can pull off this simple, delicious Thanksgiving feast that takes just one day to make—no advance prep needed.

10 Easy Pie Recipes That You’ll Want to Try This Weekend

From the classics (chocolate cream) to the unexpected (raspberry buttermilk), these simple pie recipes are definite crowd-pleasers.

3 Recipes for Stuffing Mix

The greatest thing since sliced bread: simple combos that turn boxed stuffing mix into a standout Thanksgiving side dish.

Our 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

If the Real Simple food department hosted Thanksgiving, this is what it would look like: a crowd-pleasing potluck featuring favorite family recipes (dog-eared, make-ahead, easy as pie).

9 Easy Thanksgiving Desserts

Each of these delicious Thanksgiving desserts—from a cherry cheesecake to a chocolate tart—takes 20 minutes or less to prep.

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dinner Menu    

With these crowd-pleasing recipes that you can prep in advance—plus an easy-to-follow timeline—your table will be deliciously composed this Thanksgiving. As will you.

4 Fantastic Thanksgiving Menus

Hungry yet? There are dozens of ways to combine turkey, side dishes, wines, and desserts for a dinner tailored to your tastebuds. Here are a few stellar lineups.