How to Store Christmas Decorations and Lights

Pulling out tangled lights and broken ornaments season after season can sure snuff your holiday spirit. This video shows a method for storing Christmas decorations that’ll bring you good cheer next year.

What You Need

  1. Check ornaments
  2. Check ornament boxes or partitioned cardboard wine boxes
  3. Check tissue paper
  4. Check holiday lights
  5. Check holiday light reels or empty coffee cans

Follow These Steps

  1. Wrap ornaments in tissue paper

    Evaluate your decorations annually, and keep only what you are really going to use. Then wrap snugly with tissue paper to protect against breakage.

    Aha! Recycle discarded tissue paper from opened gifts to wrap the ornaments.

  2. Store keepsakes

    Place ornaments in an ornament box or a sturdy, well-padded partitioned wine box. Egg cartons also make excellent packaging for tiny decorations. Fragile items should go at the top of a box. The more you have to dig for an ornament, the greater your chances of damaging it.

  3. Wind lights around a reel

    Coil lights around a holiday light reel, available at home supply and hardware stores.

    Aha! You can also wrap lights around empty coffee cans. Cut a slit in the plastic lid and put the receptacle end of the light cord through it. Wrap the string around the can, store extra bulbs and extension cords inside, then replace the lid. (When it's time to unpack the lights, plug each strand into an electrical outlet to make sure it works before you unroll it.)

    Tip: Always store colored lights in a dark place to keep the bulbs from fading (blues, greens, and purples fade faster than reds and yellows do).