Hanukkah Decorations And Crafts

Just because Hanukkah doesn’t involve a giant evergreen tree in the center of the living room doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful decorations in the house. It is the festival of lights, after all. This year, infuse your home with some festive spirit with our Hanukkah decorations and craft ideas. The centerpiece, of course, is the menorah: We’ve rounded up one for every style. Better yet, make your own with our creative, DIY menorah projects, many of which use supplies you’ll find around the house. Don’t worry: you won’t have to choose just one—you can deck out each room with its own special menorah. We’ve also rounded up seven fun Hanukkah party finds (from holiday “crackers,” perfect for setting around the table to Hanukkah dog treats). And you can repurpose all that extra gelt for a fun (edible) craft, too, with our gelt cookies. These ideas will keep you busy for all eight nights.

7 Festive Finds Every Hanukkah Celebration Needs

When you’re lighting the menorah, surround yourself with only the best food, drinks, and decor—all of which will still arrive before the eight days are over.

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No matter what you’re celebrating—Christmas, Hanukkah, family harmony—these unfussy wintry arrangements, all made in minutes using everyday greenery, will bring joy to your world.

6 Hanukkah Treats to Light Up Your Holiday Season

Whether you savor them yourself or gift them to others, these goodies will add a dose of deliciousness and humor to your festivities.

5 DIY Menorahs That Will Light Up All Eight Nights 

Need a fun, seasonal craft to celebrate the holiday? Choose from one of these inspired projects.

6 Gourmet Hanukkah Gelts for Chocolate Lovers

Don’t be foiled by the thin, rock hard chocolate coins you know as “gelt.” Melt-in-your-mouth versions do, in fact, exist. Some of them even use single-origin, fair trade chocolate. We’ve rounded up the tastiest loot to help you shine during Hanukkah.

Menorahs for Every Style

These 10 finds will shine this Hanukkah.