Easter Dessert Recipes

We know that the Easter bunny has a lot on her mind around the holiday. We’re here to put a spring (er—hop) in her step with a bunch of quick but special Easter dessert recipes. Our Hot Cross Buns recipe makes 12 sweet, buttery traditional Easter rolls. The best part? They take just 25 minutes of your hands-on time, because the recipe calls for store-bought yeast-dough mix. Enjoy them at breakfast, with dinner, or as a post-dinner treat. For a dessert that takes the cake, try one of our 11 easy centerpiece recipes. An over the top option is the Apricot Coconut Cake. Two airy yellow cake layers sandwich apricot jam preserves, and the whole thing gets frosted in a vanilla cream cheese icing. Finally, toasted coconut flakes are pressed all around the edges for fancy, crunchy flourish. If that doesn’t make the whole family jump for joy, we have recipes for chocolate, caramel, and fruit lovers alike.

Hot Cross Buns

Remember learning to play “Hot Cross Buns” 
on the recorder? These traditional Easter-
season rolls are almost as elementary, 
thanks to a store-bought yeast-dough mix.

Lemon Bars

A perfect balance of sweet and tart, these lemon bars, prepared in layers, require surprisingly little hands-on work. You’ll mix the buttery, shortbread crust and as that bakes, you’ll whisk together the creamy, citrus filling. When the crust’s baked through, spread the top layer over it, and bake for awhile longer, before letting the whole pan cool in the fridge. One simply but smart shortcut—lining the baking pan with crisscrossed sheets of parchment paper—makes lifting these bars out of the pan, chopping, and storing them a snap. Even better: The individual bars, wrapped or covered, will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.