Easy Halloween Costumes and Treats

Simple Halloween Costumes for the Family

Creative last-minute disguises that you can pull together with everyday household items. 

Homemade gnome costume
Photos: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino

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How To: Make a Gnome Costume

Make Gnome’s Beard: What You Need
White pom poms or cottonballs
Hot glue

1. Glue pom poms to visor. Hold for a few seconds to adhere.

Gnome’s Vest: What You Need
Paper bag
Hot Glue

1. Cut paper bag down the middle. Then cut to fit holes for child’s arms and head.
2. Glue buttons on bag.

Gnome’s Belt: What You Need
Black trash bag
Black tape
Aluminum Foil

1. Fold trash bag into one long 4-inch thick piece, adhere with glue and black tape (on the top and bottom).
2. Cut cardboard to shape of square buckle, wrap with aluminum foil and adhere to one side of the vest.

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