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Easy Halloween Costumes and Treats

Simple Halloween Costumes for the Family

Creative last-minute disguises that you can pull together with everyday household items. 

Homemade jester costume
Photos: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino

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How To: Make Jester and King Costumes

Jester’s Shirt: What You Need
Oversized longsleeve crewneck shirt
White coffee filters

1. Glue ribbon in a diagonal pattern to the longsleeve crew neck shirt.
2. Fold coffee filters in halves, and then again to make them ¼ the size. Secure with glue and cut tips off. Glue filters to the collar of the shirt. Do this all around the collar and then cut the folded edge to give a full look.

For the Cuffs: 1. Cut the coffee filter down the side and cut the entire center out of the filters. Wrap around the wrist part of the sleeve and glue to secure. Repeat with 4,5,6 filters starting from the center and working outwards until you like the way it looks.

Jester’s Shoes: What You Need

1. Replace shoelaces with ribbon and tie bells to the end of the ribbon.

Jester’s Hat: What You Need
Foam sheet

1. Cut foam into triangles and glue side by side to headband.
2. Glue ribbon to headband and glue bells to tips of the triangles and on the headband.

King’s Robe and Slippers: What You Need 
Cupcake liners

1.Cut cupcake liners in half and glue to collar of the robe and around the bottoms of each shoe.

King’s Staff: What You Need 
Gold spray paint
Wrapping paper tube
Wiffle ball

1. Spray tube and wiffle ball gold. Set aside to dry.
2. Hot glue wiffle ball to the end of the wrapping paper tube.

King’s Crown: What You Need
Gold safety pins (go with one size or various sizes)
Hot Glue

1. Open safety pins and attach to headband.
2. Hot glue safety pins side by side onto the headband and to one another.

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