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Easy Halloween Costumes and Treats

Simple Halloween Costumes for the Family

Creative last-minute disguises that you can pull together with everyday household items. 

Homemade lion tamer costume
Photos: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino

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How To: Make Lion Tamer Costume

Lion Tamer’s Overcoat: What You Need
Oversized red sweatshirt
Bottle caps (2)

Gold spray paint


Black tape

Hot glue

1. Spray paint bottlecaps gold.
2. First cut the sweatshirt down the side and under the arm. Then working on the frontside, make a cut in the shape of a tux with tails by heading down the middle veering towards the back.
3. Make a shape of a jacket lapel using black tape. Add embellishment by sticking strips of black tape to the right and left side of the jacket lapels. Glue three tassels onto the left, right, and middle of each strip of tape. Finally, apply black tape around the wrist portion of each sleeve.

Lion Tamer’s Pants: What You Need
Black tape

1. Starting at the top, attach black tape along the sides of the pant legs.

Lion Tamer’s Hat: What You Need
Oatmeal container
Red ribbon
Black construction paper
Black felt
Black shoelace

1. Cover oatmeal container with black construction paper and black felt on the top. Wrap ribbon around the hat and secure with glue.

2. Attach shoelaces to the inside of the hat with glue.

Ring of Fire: What You Need
Hula hoop
Five strands of red tinsel garland

1. Glue the beginning of the red tinsel garland to the hula hoop and twist around the hula hoop until it runs out. Glue the end to secure. Repeat with another strand of garland.

Lion’s Mane: What You Need
Dog collar
Three shades of yarn
Hot glue

1. Cut pieces of yarn into long pieces, about 12-inches long.
2. Hot glue center of the darkest colored yarn to one side of the collar. Then, turn collar over and glue the middle shade to the other side of the collar. Glue the lightest shade of yarn to the top of the middle shade. When putting on the dog attach it with the lightest colored yarn closest to his ears.

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