Easy Halloween Costumes and Treats

Simple Halloween Costumes for the Family

Creative last-minute disguises that you can pull together with everyday household items. 

How to make cowgirl and sheriff costumes
Photo: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino

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How To: Make Cowgirl and Sheriff Costumes

What You Need
3 Paper bags
Envelopes (in red and black)
Aluminum foil
Gaffer’s tape (in red)
Construction paper (in black)

For the Cowgirl’s Vest:
1. Cut out two pieces of paper measuring 4-by-6 inches. Make one-inch frays on one end. Set aside.
2. Take one paper bag and measure against child. Cut holes for head, arms, and opening of the vest.
3. Glue envelopes to the front of the bag to create pockets.
4. Create fringe on the bottom of the vest by cutting one-inch strips along the bottom.
5. Attach the two 4x6” inch strips of fringe above the pockets on the vest (as pictured).

For the Cowgirl’s Skirt
1. Measure around the bottom of the skirt. Cut a strip of paper the exact length with an additional 3” overlay. Cut one-inch fringe.
2. Attach the fringed paper with red gaffer’s tape on the edge of the skirt.

For the Sheriff’s Vest
1. Measure paper bag against child and cut holes for head, arms, and opening of the vest.
2. Glue envelopes to the front of the bag to create pockets. Glue on three buttons.
3. Create the badge by cutting a star out of paper and covering with aluminum foil. Attach to the vest with glue.

For the Sheriff’s Belt
1. Cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of an oval and cover with aluminum foil.
2. Cut a star out of black paper and glue to front of oval. Glue the oval to the belt to make the buckle.

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