24 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Trick household items into turning into this year’s most clever disguises. 

Fisherman costume how-to
Photo: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino

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How To: Make Fisherman

What You Need
Raincoat and pants

Rain boots




Ceiling hook (available at hardware stores)


Plastic fish

Toilet paper roll

2 Bottle caps

Grey paint

How To: Make Fishing Pole
1. Cut hole in center of toilet paper roll and stick dowel through the hole.

2. Glue two bottle caps to each side of the toilet paper roll.

3. Paint the entire dowel, toilet paper rolls, and bottle caps grey. Set aside to dry.

4. Glue ribbon to the top center of the dowel (leave extra ribbon hanging like a fishing pole). Wrap the remaining ribbon around the toilet paper roll and tape it down.

5. Attach a ceiling hook to the end of the ribbon with glue to create the fishing hook.

6. Attach a toy fish to the end of the hook.


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