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24 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Trick household items into turning into this year’s most clever disguises. 

Peacock costume (down) how-to
Photo: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino

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How To: Make Peacock Down

What You Need

Turquoise leotard, tutu, tights

Turquoise straws 

Turquoise tissue paper

Gold, turquoise, and blue cupcake liners


Pipe cleaners

Blue mini pompoms

Turquoise ribbon (about 1 yard)

How To: Make Headband
1. Wrap headband in blue ribbon and glue to secure on each end.

2. Cut blue pipe cleaners 2-3 inches in length and glue to headband.

3. Glue blue small pompoms to the top of the pipe cleaners.

How To: Make Feathers
1. Flatten and cut gold and turquoise cupcake liners into teardrop shapes. Glue turquoise to center bottom of gold liner.

2. Flatten and cut a small pie slice shape from the dark blue mini cupcake liner. Glue it to the turquoise liner.

3. Cut tissue paper in a rectangle (the length of a straw).

4. Fringe cut the rectangle tissue.

5. Glue one sheet of cut tissue paper to either side of a straw. Then glue cupcake liner portion to the top of the straw tissue paper.

6. Cut tutu in the front center from bottom to the waist (do not cut the waistband). Glue feathers to the tutu with cupcakes facing down in a zigzag pattern.


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