Credit: Photos: Glenn Glasser, Stylist: Kristine Trevino

What You Need
Brown Grocery Bag
Kraft Mini Envelopes (in natural)
Glue Stick

  1. Measure the paper bag against the child. Mark holes for the arms and head; cut these out.
  2. Glue envelopes on the front of the vest to create pockets. Glue buttons on the envelopes. Let dry overnight.

How To: Make Binoculars

What You Need
Two Toilet Paper Rolls
Felt Pads
Twine or String

  1. Take 2 toilet paper rolls and glue 4-5 felt pads between the two tubes in order to keep them together.
  2. On the exterior of each roll, make a small hole for stringing the twine through and creating a strap.