Easy Halloween Costumes and Treats

  • Candy and loot bagsSet out glass jars loaded with different types of candies and mini scoops, and let guests fill their own goodie bags to take home. Go to candywarehouse.com to stock up on a variety of treats, from gross gummy body parts (feet, ears, and eyeballs) to classics like Pixy Stix and Bazooka.
  • Punch bowlNo Halloween party would be complete without a spooky punch. Serve one that’s blood-red, ghoulish green, putrid purple, orange, or black and use dry ice to create an eerie mist.
  • Napkins, plates, utensils, and tableclothsKeep a stash of these essentials in colors and patterns that match your scheme. A festive covering will make your everyday tables party-ready in an instant. PartyCity.com has a wide selection of Halloween-themed goods, along with supplies in basic colors.
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