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Easy Halloween Costumes and Treats

16 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Dress up your kids in fun costumes you make with everyday household items. 

Homemade pig ears and nose costume
Photos: Glenn Glasser; Stylist: Kristine Trevino

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How To: Make Pig Ears

What You Need
4 Pieces of Pink Felt (we like E-Z felt, which is stiff and easier to work with)
Pink headband
Hot glue gun

1. Create a template by drawing one ear on a piece of paper and cutting it out.

2. Place template on the felt as your guide. Cut out 4 ear-shaped pieces of pink felt.

3. Glue around the edges of two pieces of felt. Stick each piece to the felt pieces without glue. (You’ll need two pieces of felt per ear so they are stable and won’t flop over.)

4. Glue the ears to the pink headband.

How To: Make a Pig Nose

What You Need
Large bottle cap (we used a Gatorade cap)
Pink ribbon
Pink button
Pink acrylic paint (water based)
Hot glue

1. Lay bottle cap on a piece of newspaper and paint it pink. Set it aside to dry overnight.

2. Once dry, glue the button to the center of the bottle cap.

3. Glue the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the cap. Tie around your child’s head to secure.

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